"Scott knows how to put on a show. He improvises, imitates and clowns around, making people blush and laugh at themselves. What makes Derek Scott's performance different from those of most other performers is that he gives himself in each performance."


“…possibly one of the last couple of talented funny jugglers in the free world...Derek Scott proved,...that the only way to rev up something as old and tired as juggling is to take it all the way to the edge."

"Everything necessary to make one laugh, to charm, to move. A real cocktail with charm to excite the audience."


"Scott, a Canadian who's been almost everywhere else, juggled cigar boxes instead of balls and kept a running, dead-on political commentary ("O'Canada, our home and neighbor's land")

"Derek is a one-man variety show, with a mischievous turn. Laughter is in abundance. There will always be a comic twist and you'll never be allowed to goof off."

TV 10

"The most wonderful magic I think I have ever seen! He uses his clowning to put over what he has to say. A message through humour."

Festival (England)