"Absolutely Brilliant!"

4RO Radio (Australia)

"Derek scott is an anomaly.  He doesn’t seem to fit into any category."

 "Attention catching and light in style, Derek is made up of all phases of showmanship. He prepares the way for us to better appreciate the juggling of our sentiments."

Le Soir (Brussels)

"Derek Scott never had it so easy. In an impromptu and inspired piece of mimicry before the curtain even rose on the Festival Juste Pur Rire/Just for Laughs, Scott found the sort of fodder that a mime’s dreams are made of there; seated before him was an astounding array of famed political sorts, including Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien… most of whom served as splendid butts for Scott’s material."

The Gazette

"His act, a perfect balance of rehearsal and improvisation , has direction and focus as he plays off everything in the environment to create a “one time only, just for you” relationship with his audience."

Canadian Theatre Review

"Derek has everything necessary to make one laugh, to charm, to be moved."


"Derek Scott did another set featuring a kazoo. He had gone so well that he was back tonight on merit. He was sensational!"

Opus Magazine (United Kingdom)

"Derek is a one-man variety show, with a mischievous turn. Laughter is in abundance."

Channel 10 Australia