"Physical comedy with a brain.  Just what this country needs." 

Toronto Star

"Derek Scott doesn’t do much of anything except send his audience into gales of laughter with unabashed humour." 

Halifax Chronicle herald.

"The gift for reacting earned him the honour of the only clown to have been the object of a standing ovation from the crowd of 5,000 spectators!"

Le Soleil (Quebec)

"The most talented, off the cuff, and entertaining performer I have ever seen!"

CRMI Radio

"Marvelous clown...silent eloquence." 

Winnipeg Free Press

"This year’s master of ceremony, Canadian Derek Scott, is a real scoop. . .he brings forth rolling laughter. . . his contact to the audience is both mocking and caring...Scott had made himself familiar with Denmark before the assignment in Aarhus: (Danish men are number 1 sperm donor in the world).  After a new laughter trip, Derek turned up the heat again with an interactive clapping act that ended in a hilarious  version of An der schonen blauen Donau.”

Karsten Bjorno: Stiftstidende, Arhus Denmark


“If you want to know what is funny, . . .watch him!

Eugene Levy, while filming “Gooby” with Derek

"...master at working his crowd.  He combines warmth with a hard edge, teasing his audiences with feats he won’t perform until he has driven them to distraction.  They love him!

Canadian Theatre Review

"What makes Derek Scott’s performance different from those of most other performers is that he gives of himself in each performance"


"A good juggler or magician can, for a moment at least, unravel assumptions about the laws of nature.  He can open a window on something deeper than mere trickery or dexterity -- the belief that any feat is possible.  Derek Scott isn’t like that."

Globe and Mail